Coldwell Banker Women in Leadership

CB Women

Conversations about women and leadership in real estate. 

We have created the CB Women in Leadership initiative. Our mission is to ensure that no woman within the Coldwell Banker network ever experiences a glass ceiling. We’re taking direct aim at the leadership gap, we want all woman in real estate to feel unstoppable.

We challenged ourselves and our network to accelerate the real estate industry’s progress in narrowing the female leadership gap. We encouraged everyone to have open conversations, to create opportunities for women to lead and to develop a plan of action to combat this issue.


Learn about our most recent research on women and leadership in female-dominated industries like real estate, and learn more about what the brand is doing in 2019 to close the leadership gap. 

Shattering the Glass Ceiling: How Coldwell Banker is Combating the Female Leadership Gap in Real Estate


Find out why the women of Coldwell Banker are passionate about expanding the opportunities for leadership within the brand. And why they chose Coldwell Banker as a place to build their careers. 

Read the stories of #CBWomen in leadership sharing lessons they learned and the advice they wish they got earlier in their career. 


Be sure to listen to the CB Women series on the Coldwell Banker Leave Your Mark podcast. Catch episodes on Soundcloud, Apple Podcast or Spotify. 

And if you would like some more information about the state of women and leadership in real estate, check out the following: